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Play with ideas. Listen with your eyes. Think with your hands.

Ideation | Innovation | Transformation

Dieter Reuther


Rooted in years of experience in innovation and design, my expertise lies in fostering inclusivity, igniting innovation, and building knowledge. My journey has been at the intersection of creative problem-solving and transformative thinking.

As a certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, I’ve spent over a decade crafting immersive workshops that bridge the gap between ideas and action. The cornerstone of my workshops is the power of play and storytelling. Through these dynamic sessions, I guide organizations in crafting narratives that drive change.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Germany and an MBA with an emphasis on servant and ethical leadership from the USA, I have traversed the consulting and software industries, launched my own design firm, and served as the Director in Design Operations and Information Technology at Ziba, a global innovation and design consultancy in Portland, Oregon. Most recently I was VP of Brand and Creative at Piaggio Fast Forward, a robotics startup in Boston.

In my workshops every voice is heard, and every idea can flourish, laying the groundwork for transformation and for a journey of innovation, harnessing the collective brilliance of teams.


We lead custom designed team workshops to break down demographic, profession or culture based barriers and help team members communicate better. We believe in the potential of people and that everyone within an organization can contribute to discussions, solutions and outcomes.


Leveraging solid methodologies, strategic thinking and practical experience we help our clients ensure that insights and opportunities translate to real design and business solutions, that envision, shape and launch products, communications and services.


We help you maneuver through complex leadership challenges by breaking down situations into simple, easy to understand three-dimensional metaphorical models; we also break down communication barriers that exist between diverse disciplines, teams and ranks within an organization.

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